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Lotus Muine Beach Resort & Spa Gives To You The Flexible Choice For You Future Meeting Or Incentive Program With Fully Equiped Conference Hall And Meeting Rooms. Equipped With Latest Audio-Video System, Overhead Projector, LCD Projector, Hotel Meeting Rooms Accommodate From 20 Up To 250 Guests. Our Ball Room Offer A Wide Choices Such As Seminar, Conference, Training, Launching New Product Etc. With A Well Trained And Experienced Banquet Staff Will Be Committed To Successful Of All Events.


Entering our Lotus Spa, all your senses will be embraced by exquisite fragrances and Vietnamese traditional unique design which make you feel like you are in a different world. Enjoying one of our traditional treatments, you will feel like flying in the sky, free from your body and soul.

Lotus Muine Beach Resort & Spa offers to guest various in-house facilities, Please contact our Front Office department for further information.

Recreation Facilites:

  • Fitness Center
  • Karaoke service
  • Billiards (Carom & snooker)
  • Football Game
  • Beach Activities
  • Daily free bus to Muine Center
  • Free bicycles for in-house guest using
  • Local Tours & Excursions

The Gym offers a wide range of the latest fitness equipment including resistance training, cardiovascular and free weights.

Hours of Operation 06:00am – 10:00pm


A spacious karaoke room with up-to-date and latest in karaoke facilities offers a wide selection of contemporary songs in English, Vietnamese and more.

Beach cinema

Only at Lotus Muine Resort & Spa, you will enjoy the latest movies on the beach front lawn, open the air with the glamorous cocktail, enjoy the quiet on the lazy chairs and hammocks


Lotus shop offers a wide verity of specialty, sourced collectables, unique gifts, treasures, local arts and handicra s. So you will have loving memories of your vacation at the Lotus Muine Resort & Spa.

Hours of Operation 08:00am – 06:00pm

Local Tour

With only 368.000 vnd per person, minimun 2 persons per tour by private jeep

The tour includes:

1. Fairy Stream:

Strolling through the cool stream that stretches roughly 1 km, sightseers will witness the most colorful sand hills with layers of different sediments, showcasing the most spectacular “fairy” hill slopes.  Lined with small concaves and crevices that shapeshift just about every month.

2. Mui Ne’s Fishing Village:

Sightseers will visit the typically hustle and bustle fishing village of the town with hundreds of colorful fishing boats that reflect the town’s sea life of hard work. Take a glimpse of the morning haul of exotic fresh fish, shellfish, and crustacean from weeks to months of sea fare.

3. Red Sand Dunes:

Nicknamed the “Little Red Desert”, these dunes are constantly shapeshifting  because of the year round windy weather of Mui Ne Beach.  On a day with clear skies, contemplation on the soft, shifty hills while the sun is setting is a must do.

4. White Sand Dunes and Lotus Lake:

 Much larger and more breathtaking than its cousin, the Red Dunes, it offers a more vast and tranquil backdrop for inspiration.  With a lake full of lotus flowers and the sand often taking form of a haystack or shape of a nude, lying virgin, the most revered sand dunes in Vietnam provokes visitors with endless, beautiful photographs.


With only 500.000 VND per person, minimun 2 persons per tour by private car

The tour includes:

1. Poshanu Cham Towers:

Visit the magnificent, well preserved relics of the Cham people who once dominated the central region of Vietnam.

2. Phan Thiet City Fishing Port:

The most hustle and bustle area of the city with hundreds of colorful fishing boats and ships that constantly sail in and out of the port.  Witness the city’s history, a small town from its inception where the main source of well being is from the oceans.

3. Whale Temple:

 A sanctuary of the local fishermen for hundreds of years, the temple is housing one of the biggest whale skeleton as well as hundreds of others of its kind in South East Asia.  There is also an annual, regional whale ceremony and festival that is conducted and celebrated.  It is one of the biggest tourism events in the region.

4. Ho Chi Minh Museum :

Located next door to Duc Thanh School where Hồ Chí Minh briefly taught in 1911 before leaving for France, this provincial museum recounts the historic man’s life and accomplishments from his early days overseas to his death in 1969.  Exhibits include photographs and a variety of personal possessions.

5. Central Market:

Surrounded with many convenicence shops and local vendors, the market is stocked with items catering to the needs and neccesities of local residents.  Famous for its dried seafood and fish sauce, the market offers a wide range of sea products.

Hotline 0126.77.999.21

Valid until 12/2016

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  • T: +84 252 3751 777   -   F: +84 252 3719 066
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